Wedding Packages

Not only do we provide a rockin’ band for your reception, we offer options to make your wedding one that no one will forget!

Some of the options include:

  • Numerous unique instrumental package options for ceremony
  • Instrumental jazz for cocktail hour
  • Chilled out dinner set
  • Customized wedding packages
  • Horn section (optional)


Appropriate Dinner Music

We know exactly what to play while you and your guests enjoy your dinner and drinks.  We provide a blend of timeless songs, old and new, while creating the perfect backdrop to your food, drink, and great conversation.  From Frankie Valli to Frank SinatraThe Beatles to Van Morrison, we can guarantee that we’ll turn more than a few heads.


Horn Section Package

Want to make your wedding ROCK?  Add a 1-3 person horn section!  We provide to some of the best horn players in the business.


Special Wedding Reception Requests

We want this day to be exceptional!  We want it to be exactly the way you envision it.  From the start of the ceremony to the last note, we will do everything we can to make it special and customized for you. With more than 350 songs to choose from, our clients can carefully select songs from our extensive list to craft a set specific to them. On top of the hundreds of songs we know, Young Love & The Thrills will perform up to 2 additional song requests for your wedding.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many breaks does the band take?  Two or three 5-15 minute breaks. We’ll keep your guest going till the end!

2. What do you play during breaks?  There is no dead-air… we play your pre-selected music on any break or you can add a DJ to bring down the house!

3. Can you Emcee & learn our first dances?  Yes! its complimentary!

4. What is your performance pricing based on?  Our pricing is based on location, package selection, and length of your reception time.

5. How do we hold our date with you?  A signed contract from us with half deposit will secure your date with us. The balance will be due on the day of your wedding.