Marcos Valles, **CURRENTLY TOURING THE WORLD with NOAH KAHAN.** We look forward to having him back from the road and bringing the groove, once again! 

Marcos Valles, also known as the artist Jon Marco, drummer and vocalist of Young Love and The Thrills, is the heartbeat and groove of the band. Sometimes referred to as the Phil Collins of the group, he most recently stepped out from behind the drums to record his first solo album: “Jon Marco.”  In May 2013, he released his first music video for his single “Rhianna.”  The video, produced by Jim Meegan and Andy Wesby, went on to garner 100,000 hits in a little over a week and was featured on the “Today” show.

Marcos joined Noah Kahan’s full-time line-up in the fall of 2018 and as Noah keeps rising, so does Marcos. Doing only 20-30 shows per year with Noah until 2023, Marcos played every wedding with Young Love until the latter part of 2022. Marcos suddenly got to learn what real fame is; as Noah has exploded and is clocking at number 1 on many different charts world wide, the touring has become a full-time and world-wide adventure.

We’re very proud of him, with his recent performances on SNL, The BBC, Boston Calling, and some upcoming sold-out shows at Fenway Park and MSG (to name a few), we’re pumped to see our crew member and brother-in-arms doing BIG things!!! Young Love is THE LAUNCHPAD BAND!!!

Marcos, on the right, with Noah center and Hozier.

Marcos with Noah, backstage.

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